Basic Food Safety Net

SNAP Syracuse

EBT tokensSNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) of Syracuse, New York is a program that allows low-income residents who meet certain requirements of the federal government to apply for supplemental benefits they may not otherwise have access to. SNAP reduces hunger for those who are eligible for the program by offering them benefits in which improve their ability to buy more nutritional foods. This is an option low-income Syracuse residents have to apply for. If they meet the requirements for SNAP, participants will be able to use these benefits to purchase food for their family. John H. Mulroy, is located on the second floor of the Civic Center located at 421 Montgomery Street where one can go in-person to fill out a SNAP application. One needs to provide their name, address, telephone number, sign it and then there will be a future follow-up interview (which can either be done in-person or over the phone). SNAP is a great resource for eligible Syracuse residents because it gives them the opportunity to not only purchase healthier foods from grocery stores, but also farmer’s markets and CNY Regional Market vendors that accept Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT). This EBT card is essentially like a debit card that allows SNAP benefiters to purchase food from authorized food vendors. The website below lists information regarding SNAP in New York State.

Hunger Action Network of New York State (HANNYS)

shared foodThis website is great for residents in New York State needing hunger assistance. HANNYS aims to reduce hunger in the short term by improving programs that relate to emergency food and food stamp programs among many others. HANNYS believes that their improvement in the short-term programs will allow people to have more success in the long run. If short-term programs are of better-quality, participants in these programs will have a better chance at getting the health care and wages they need to afford a healthy sustainable household. HANNYS has also managed the Nutrition Outreach and Education Program (NOEP) in New York State, which connects nutrition assisted New York residents find a community that they can benefit from. HANNYS is available for all New York State residents, but is localized on their website when one chooses the region in which they live. For our local Syracuse community a resident could click on the “Onondaga region” of New York and they will be taken directly to a contacts page that will allow them to choose a local NOEP coordinator to assist them with their needs. Click on the link provided below to see how you locate your county’s NOEP Coordinator: