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Created by the Chenango County Agriculture Development Council (CCADC) in 2007,  CNY Bounty was a year-round, local food distribution company aimed at building farm to consumer relationships through direct purchases. Unlike conventional food distribution systems, CNY Bounty partnered with smaller scale farms in a way which allowed farmers to be adequately compensated for their harvests, without setting an unreasonably high price point for the customer. Collaborating with 119 farmers and processors from the CNY region, CNY Bounty offered over 1,500 food items for individual households, electronic benefits transfer (EBT) and supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) recipients, restaurants, natural food stores, and educational institutions alike. Delivering orders either directly to the customer, or to one of the 18 conveniently placed drop off sites, CNY Bounty aimed to cater to the many geographic locations which make up the CNY Bounty customer base. By shortening supply chains and closing the gap between farmer and consumer, CNY Bounty provided an excellent example for the future of food production and distribution in the Central New York region. While CNY Bounty is unfortunately no longer active due to funding issues, we can still look to expand upon their model in order to help create a more just food system for the residents of Central New York.

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