Daily Harvest Farms

tomatoes 2

Tomatoes growing on Daily Harvest Farms


Angela has been farming in the Syracuse area since 2009 as the manager of Daily Harvest Farms.  While she grew up in the Syracuse area, she only recently returned, with the intention of starting her own CSA farm. Currently Angela is scaling back business as she is expecting her first child, and for her the demands of family life dictate how she runs the farm as much as any other issue. Currently describing her operation as “suburban farming,” finding the balance between good land for farming and a desirable place to raise a child is a challenge that Angela must navigate. Despite these questions, she also faces the same issues as other regional producers.

“Farmers are competing for CSA shares, buying from other people…the demand so strong that it has to be met”


Moving forward, Angela is not looking to expand her farm any further than 30 to 40 acres. In acknowledging a limit to desired growth, her primary concerns are marketing and competition. She admits that Daily Harvest has not been built up as a brand, and many CSA share holders are not aware of the farm’s name. In addition, Angela must handle increasing competition from a variety of CSAs that are growing in the area. Despite these challenges, Angela is looking forward to continuing her passion for farming while starting a family at the same time.

curly kale

Daily Harvest’s spiral green kale