Refugee Food Production


Photo Credit: Salt City Harvest Farm

Refugee food production refers to the various gardens within Syracuse, NY that are used by the refugee community.  While some of the produce grown in these gardens are sold, most are grown purely for consumption.  These gardens serve as a supplement to the vegetables and fruits they want to grow that are in their home country. Some sites of refugee food production in Syracuse are the Isabella Street Tapestry Garden, Karibu Community Garden, and the Salt City Harvest Farm.

For many refugees, growing their own food rather than shopping at a grocery store is a way to connect to back to their home country, as many of them have farming or gardening backgrounds. Having these gardens helps the refugee community allow them adjust to their new environment, and provides an opportunity for refugees to bring a wealth of knowledge on food production.

Below is a downloadable brochure to highlight a select few sites of refugee food production in Syracuse!

FST 402 Growing Pamphlet-01FST 402 Growing Pamphlet-02